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2012.02.03 christopher sandberg
February 03, 2012 19:00 The Future of Media
Christopher Sandberg
It's time to buy a TV

Christopher Sandberg is the founder and creative director of the Swedish company, The Company P, which produces interactive, participant-based television shows. He explained why television content to this day still looked as though it had been filmed in the 1990s and explained how to create a truly interesting product.

2012.04.17 hoffman
April 17, 2012 20:00 The Future of Media
Robin Hofmann
Audiomarketing: Sound of brand

On April 17 Digital October invited Robin Hofmann, a leading specialist in audio marketing, to speak at a Knowledge Stream event.

2012.05.23 chantal rickards
May 23, 2012 20:00 The Future of Media
Chantal Rickards
Loyalty — To Brands, A Content — To Consumers

On May 23 the Digital October center with support of CINEMOTION movie school held a lecture by Chantal Rickards, Head of Programming & Branded Content at MEC media agency (London).

2012.06.25 dj spooky
June 25, 2012 20:00 The Future of Media
Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)
Digital Epoch Voice

On June 25, the Digital October center hosted a lecture by one of the most brilliant figures of the New York underground of the 1990s, a maker of five albums and an incredible number of culturological works, and one of the word’s greatest specialists in the field of multimedia art — Paul Miller, also known as DJ Spooky.

2012.09.04 ericsheinkop
September 04, 2012 20:00 The Future of Media
Eric Sheinkop
Bands and Brands

On September 4, the Digital October center with support of International Music Exhibition and Conference MIDEM (Cannes, France) held a lecture by Eric Sheinkop, president of the company Music Dealers, which helps brands to find their sound and path to the hearts of clients.

Jose filipe torres  242x262
February 15, 2013 20:00 The Future of Media
Jose Filipe Torres
Country Branding

On February 15, Portuguese entrepreneur Jose Torres, a world-renowned expert on country branding, gave a talk at Digital October as part of the Knowledge Stream project. He told guests about the benefits countries gain from looking after their image.

Cook bravo 242x262 ks photo
April 19, 2013 20:00 The Future of Media
Geoff Cook and Martin Bravo
Brands are People, too!

On April 19 lead brand expert and partner at BaseDesign Geoff Cook along with his colleague Martin Bravo was featured on the Knowledge Stream project. Lecturers explained why Apple, Google, VK and Facebook have human characteristics, as well as how to become the next IKEA of the IT industry.

Craig anderton 242x262 ks photo
October 20, 2013 19:00 The Future of Media
Craig Anderton
Future Of Music

At the Gibson, he’s known as none other than the Chief Magic Officer, and on October 20th, sound designer Craig Anderton, who has spent the past thirty years researching, developing, and popularizing digital technologies for the arts, discussed how the music of the future is going to be made.