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January 21, 2013 20:00 Coursera: From A To Z
Daphne Koller
Streaming knowledge

On January 21, cofounder of Coursera, which was named best educational site in 2012 by Time magazine, Daphne Koller gave a lecture at the Digital October Center. Coursera lets anyone listen to lectures from some of the world’s leading universities absolutely free of charge.

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November 07, 2013 20:00 Coursera: From A To Z
Yin Lu
MOOCs: Turning Virtual Into Physical

On November 7th at the Digital October Center, Coursera’s Community&Culture architect discussed why the leading purveyor of online information is opening up learning labs all over the world – and what that means for you.

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November 13, 2013 20:00 Coursera: From A To Z
Eli Bildner

On November 13, Eli Bildner shared the latest news regarding the progress the global experiment of translating Coursera’s lectures has achieved, while Digital October and ABBYY Language Services demonstrated a web platform whose users are already exploiting it to create Russian subtitles for video courses from the best universities in the world!

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December 06, 2013 20:30 Coursera: From A To Z
Andrew Ng
Talking 'bout MOOC Generation

He led the first really popular online course at Stanford, achieved one of the best results in the development of an AI ever by simply showing it cats on YouTube and, of course, founded Coursera. On December 6, Andrew Ng, legendary professor, engineer, and advocate of free learning, lectured at the Digital October Center.