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Rogan Taylor

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Sports Technologies series

Playing in the Digital Field

November 23, 2011 | 19:00

Rogan Taylor is the founder and director of the Football Industry Department at the University of Liverpool.  Under his leadership in 1997 the first Football MBA program was launched in Britain.  In his lecture, Rogan discussed how to promote football clubs and collaborate with fans using modern digital media.

On November 23rd at Digital October, Rogan Taylor delivered a lecture on "Good old football and new digital media: digital technology in sport as an example of the British Premier League." The lecture launched a new Knowledge Stream Project series, “Sports Technologies”.

Rogan Taylor founded and directs the Football Industry Faculty at the University of Liverpool. Under his leadership in 1997, Britain launched the first Football MBA program, which produces personnel for football clubs around the world, from Singapore to London and Moscow. Rogan is an expert (with 25 years of experience) in communication between club management and fans, as well as a consultant on sponsorship deals between major brands, clubs, and football associations.

Rogan Taylor is an advisor for the leaders of the Football Association (The Football Association, FA), English soccer Premier League (Premier League), as well as several football clubs. Rogan is also the author of five books about football and the leading scientific adviser of BBC documentary series about the history of English football in the XX century.

In his lecture, Rogan Taylor discussed how to promote a football club and work with fans using modern digital media like Internet television, websites, and social networking sites. In particular, the talk addressed the Liverpool Football Club’s creation of an official club television channel. Rogan demonstrated how media can help increase fans’ loyalty to a club and also create additional sources of revenue.


  • Akulinin

    Sergey Akulinin

    Head of Programmes Department of NTV Plus

  • Alekseev

    Sergey Alekseev

    PR and Special Projects Director of Russian Football Premier League

  • Denisevich

    Alexey Denisevich

    Head of Commercial Department of FC Spartak

  • Dolgiy rapoport

    Vladimir Dolgiy-Rapoport

    Managing Director of The Great company

  • Kidisuk

    Pavel Kidisuk

    Head of Sports Information Department of Russia-24

  • Navosha

    Dmitry Navosha

    CEO of

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