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Alison Lewis

2011.11.30 lewis
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The Future of Fashion is Now: Would you like Shoes with GPS or a Dress with WiFi?

November 30, 2011 | 20:00

Alison Lewis – author, stylist, blogger, designer, and a frequent guest of various TV shows. In 2010 Fast Companies magazine named Alison one of the most influential woman of the year. In her lecture Alison told about the latest developments in the high-tech world of fashion.

On November 30th, Digital October held a teleconference with Alison Lewis. Alison delivered a lecture on “The Future of Fashion is Now: Would you like Shoes with GPS or a Dress with WiFi?” The lecture was particularly interesting to entrepreneurs and designers seeking to build projects at the intersection of fashion and high technology, as well as to all fans of the fashion business who might wish to keep abreast of future trends and know which technological concepts might interest a buyer.

Fast Company magazine named Alison Lewis one of the 100 Most Influential Women in 2010. Alison works to develop ideas and promote projects pertaining to “smart” fabrics, DIY projects, and interior design. On her blog,, Alison writes about the use of electrical components in clothing (LED, solar panels, antennas). In addition, Lewis is creating “interactive” rooms that respond to the movements of people in them, and has a TV show about high-tech design called MyHome2.0.

On November 30th, Alison Lewis discussed how modern technologies are changing fashion and our understanding of clothes in general. What links fields like medicine, sports, electronics, textiles, and design? What will the fashion industry look like in 8-10 years? In the future, will clothing adjust to fit a person’s figure and needs? Alison presented examples of her own work that combines high technology and high fashion.


  • Alfer

    Anton Alfer

    founder, CEO of webzine

  • Bergelson

    Maria Bergelson

    owner and CEO of Sunday Up Market fashion community

  • Buyanova

    Olga Buyanova

    Face Gallery editor-in-chief

  • Iznaurova

    Luiza Iznaurova

    Director of Conde Nast Digital

  • Lebsak kleimans

    Anna Lebsak-Kleimans

    CEO of Fashion Consulting Group

  • Kolesnik

    Irina Kolesnik

    PR-director of Ekepeople

  • Lyahovets

    Оlga Lyahovets

    PR-director of Shoes of Prey

  • Nurieva

    Nadia Nurieva


  • Semenkov

    Konstantin Semenkov

    Commercial Director of GLANCE

  • Sheblanina

    Gala Sheblanina


  • Varenye

    Ааntоn Varenye

    curator of project

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