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Jacque Fresco

2012.05.10 jacque fresco
Futurology: The Future of the Future series

Engineer for an Ideal Future

December 22, 2011 | 20:00

Jacque Fresco is an American futurist and proponent of resource-based economies. His lecture was devoted to the future of humanity, built on the use of inexhaustible energy resources and the rejection of the outdated monetary system.

95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco remotely delivered a lecture on The Venus Project. The lecture became part of the Knowledge Stream Project's series on "Futurology: The Future of the Future."

From his high-tech home in Florida, Jacque described for us a city with a resource-based economy, where hard work would be done by intelligent robots, and people would be finally rid of disease, hunger, and poverty. According to Mr. Fresco, if humankind abandons the monetary system, Earth will become a Garden of Eden where clean water, healthy food, and quality education is available to all. Self-created structures will build us a new world on land, at sea, and in space.


  • Vahshtayn

    Victor Vahshtayn

    Ph.D. in Sociology, Director at the Center of Sociological Research, ANE

  • Kuznetsov

    Eugeny Kuznetsov

    Director of Development and Communications Department

  • Nazaretyan

    Karina Nazaretyan

    columnist of "Science", newspaper "Akzia"

  • Filonovich

    Sergei Filonovich

    Professor, RABE Vice-President

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    Ekaterina Khramkova

    design agency Lumiknows CEO

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